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New York Beauty

altJo has been working on New York Beauty blocks.  This will be one of the blocks we include in next year's programme.  Fabrics used are P & B Bear Essentials

Jill's Jacket

altJill is new to quilting but an experienced sewer.  Jill is currently doing our 'Block a Week' course, and her skills are growing particularly in the use of an electric sewing machine.  Jill brought along a jacket she has made for the new addition to her family, she has been making these for all of her grandchildren over the years.  We think you will agree it really is lovely.  Jill has kindly given us a copy of her pattern and both Jo and I are looking forward to upscaling the pattern for our grandaughters.  Great choice of fabrics, the new Owl fabrics from Makower. 

Machine Quilting

altCheck this out.  Teresa loves piecing but not quilting so she decided to try out  our quilting frame.  This is her first attempt, which we think was really successful, she was really worried but soon got the hang of it.  We love her choice of fabrics that give a variation on the Union Flag.alt

Block a Week Course Starts

altaltOur 'Block a Week' course started today, we covered 'Rail Fence' and some basic patchwork rules.  Despite the heat, everyone enjoyed themselves.  For information about our next 'Block a Week' course follow this link

Machine Quilting Frame

We have finally been able to set up our Machine Quilting Frame ready for demonstrations.  We completed a quilt using it this morning, and we will be putting some calico on in the morning ready for demonstrations.  Come in and have a look.  Jo did a basic 'Ripple Stipple', sometimes called 'Japanese Waterfall' very effective.


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