The threads we stock are these which we have used ourselves and believe to be the best for the job in hand.


King Tut. 40 weight - 100% cotton thread in beautiful variegated shades. This thread is made for decorative quilting.

Superior Rainbow thread -  40 weight - 100% trilobal polyester -this is great for machine embroidery as well as quilting. Again these are in variegated colours.

Gutemann Variegated Quilting Threads - this is a 30 weight cotton thread suitable for machine and hand quilting.

For general piecing

We carry a small range of Gutemann  'Extra Fine' polyester thread which is great for all types of sewing. 

Machine Embroidery Thread

Mettler machine embroidery thread stood up to our tests well.  Like the Superior Rainbow thread, this is a 'trilobal polyester' so is not spun.  It produces little lint, and has a wonderful gloss to it. 

Our most recent addition is Isacord - a 40 weight trilobal polyester - which comes in 1000M cones, is really good value and is already proving to be a good seller.  We particularly like it for machine quilting and embroidery. We carry a range of popular  colours and can order other from the almost 400 plain colours available.  We are competively priced and can order in very quickly. This thread can also be used for piecing and indeed quilting. 

Also available is a good range of variegated threads and metallics - ask to see our shade cards.

Bobbin Thread

We carry a small range of Superior Bottom line thread for bobbins.  We also sell the Superior 'Superbobs' which are pre-wound cardboard bobbins in a range of colours.  These bobbins are filled with 'Bottom line' thread and work successfully in many machines.